Made for the ones that need the Ocean close at all times

Nature inspired Ocean Jewelry made from Sea Shells, Natural Coral & Turquoise. All Sea Shells found free diving the Atlantic Ocean & Caribbean Sea. Unique designs and One of a kind treasures from the bottom of the sea. Made for the ones that need the Ocean close at all times.

Ark Sea Shell Necklace
Mother of Pearl Bar Necklace
White Cowrie Sea Shell Necklace
Dark Floridian Whelk Sea Shell on suede
Only 1 left!
Sand Dollar Bracelet
White Coral Bracelet
Pearl Friendship Bracelet
Leather Wraps
Leather Wraps
Turquoise Ocean Necklace
Turquoise Ocean Choker 24k
Turquoise Ocean Bond Necklace
Turquoise Bar Necklace
Peach Coral Bracelet Set
Golden Cowrie Bracelet Set
Sea Glass Bracelet Set
Tribe Bracelet Set
Larimar Ocean Goddess Necklace
Larimar Ocean Bracelet
Larimar & Mother of Pearl Beaded Bracelet 14k
Golden Larimar Ocean Stone Necklace 14k
Blue Ocean Crystal Necklace 24k
Only 2 left!
Magical Mermaid Scale Bar Necklace 24k
Ocean Current Necklace 14k
Only 1 left!
Turquoise Ocean Drop Necklace 14k
Raw Turquoise Studs
Only 1 left!
Moonstone & Pink Coral Earrings
Blue Ocean Crystal Studs
Pearl Earrings
Ocean Charm Necklace
Goddess Cowrie Sea Shell Necklace
Sold Out
Pearl Necklace
Golden Cowrie Sea Shell Necklace on Suede
Sold Out
Larimar Ocean Stone Ring
Sold Out
Raw Turquoise Stackable Rings
Sold Out
Shell Rings
Shell Rings

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