How it all started ...

When I grew up I always had a special bond with nature. Even though I grew up surrounded by forest and far away from the Ocean. The ocean was where I felt I belonged.

When I moved to Florida and started free diving a whole new world opened right in front of me. A world with so much beauty and diversity that all I wanted to do is dive and learn more about it. The more I connected to this beautiful element the more I felt connected to nature.

Finding shells and making ocean jewelry is a way for me to show the world the beauty that lays underneath the ocean surface. The beauty of nature and it s creations. Each shell is unique just like each one of us, with its own story of how it grew up, where its ben and what shaped its life!


Having a "Floridian Ocean Jewelry" is having a one of a kind treasure created by nature. It s your connection to the Ocean, your way of expressing your love for nature and your good will of showing the world its beauty by raising awareness of protecting it.

Floridian Ocean Jewelry
"Inspired by Nature"

Nadine Holland

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